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almost 3 years ago

Fun Hack Fact Friday

Did you know?!

We have sample apps for both our iOS and Android SDKs?  Each of these sample apps provides the full spectrum of functionality for our Client SDKs.  Just a side note that these sample apps are wired up for the Test environment and use Friendbot in place of a backend server for creating and funding accounts.

Functionality Demonstrated In Sample Apps:

  • Creating an account on the client
  • Onboarding account to the blockchain (using friendbot)
  • Sending a transactions
  • Retrieving Balance
  • Retrieving minimum blockchain fee
  • Listening for successful payment
  • Listening for successful account creation

One of the best ways to quickly understand how to build with Kin is to setup and run the sample apps so you can see how it all works!

Happy building!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.