Mini Challenges

On top of the prizes in USD participants can win, the first 100 eligible developers can get 200M Kin for going live and up to 100M Kin for completing Mini Challenges. We’ll release new mini challenges throughout the Kin Crypto Challenge to provide opportunities for you to earn Kin while you work on your project. 

Your Mini Challenges:
  • Acquire an appid for your project, starting with this form.
  • Let your friends know. Share your project on social media using the hashtag #kinapps or mention @kin_foundation. Here is a suggested tweet.
  • Join the official Kin Developer Community Discord Server.
  • Send the Kin team feedback on building with the Kin SDK with this form.
  • Publish at least one blog post with a minimum read time of 3 minutes (3000 characters) explaining your experience building with the Kin SDK in the Kin Crypto Challenge.
  • Share a video of your Live app on social media using the hashtag #kinapps or mention @kin_foundation.
  • Promote your mobile app on social media while including the hashtag #kinapp, #KinChallenge or mentioning @kin_foundation.
  • Publish at least one tutorial blog post or tutorial video providing insights, best practices or steps on how to integrate the Kin SDK. Needs to be a minimum read/view time of 3 minutes (3000 characters).
  • Whitelist a transaction in your app to have 0 fees. Send us the transaction hash of a successfully whitelisted transaction made within your app. 
  • Integrate the Backup and Restore module into your mobile app so your users won’t lose their Kin.
  • Send feedback about one of the modules you integrated into your mobile app.
  • Join the official Kin Developer Meetup by sending your RSVP to Chase Barker on Discord.

Fill out and update the form below each time you complete an above challenge to receive Mini Challenge rewards. Be aware that only participants working on a project in the Kin Crypto Challenge can be rewarded for the Mini Challenges.