Everything you need to build an app with Kin

This Documentation contains everything you need to build an app with Kin including docs for:

  • Getting Started
  • Architecture Overview
  • Terms and Concepts
  • iOS, Android and Unity client SDKs
  • Backup and Restore Module
  • Discovery Module
  • Appreciation Module
  • Python and NodeJs server SDKs
  • Hello Worlds for each SDK

The Product Playbook can help you get started with designing your Kin experiences and includes guidelines on pricing and design.

The design assets google drive contains the following assets and docs: 

  • Design assets for a Kin button and onboarding tools. 
  • Kin appreciation button UX and design guidelines.
  • Kin onboarding experience UX and design guidelines.
  • Research insights and best practices.
Example Apps
  • Rentomania: Multiplayer online Monopoly game integrated Kin using the Kin SDK for Unity.
  • Peerbet: Social betting app that lets you place bets against your friends in Kin using the iOS Kin SDK.
  • imgvue: Content-sharing platform using the Android Kin SDK to reward creators for their creativity and passion with Kin.

Github & Library 
  • Documentation: This is the place where you will find all of the documentation for our SDKs, Modules and Hello Worlds.
  • Kin Ecosystem Github: The location for all of our open source code.
  • Kin Laboratory: Here you can use our laboratory to generate wallets and build transactions on both our Public and Test blockchains.
  • Blockchain Explorer: You can use this for viewing wallets and transactions on our blockchain.
  • Kin Stats: Statistics on the use of Kin in apps.
  • Kin Blog: All the latest news and articles published by Kin.
  • Glossary: A glossary of terms for our blockchain, SDKs and KRE stats

Need Help?
  • Create an issue on the corresponding repository on Github.
  • Have a solution or fix? Create a pull request with as much information as possible on the corresponding repository on Github. Remember, not all requests will be accepted.
  • Search for or post a new issue in the Kin Developer Forum.
  • Look for help from a fellow developer on the Official Kin Developer Community Discord Server.