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Kin Marketplace and allowing users to earn Kin.


I was wonder how to allow users to earn kin by doing certain activities and I came across an app which has integrated Kin ecosystem in their app and they have mentioned that users can earn through Kin Marketplace.

Here's the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kinnyco.kinnyapp
Check 5th screenshot in the store listing to get a reference.

I read through whole Kin doc but couldn't find it.

Am I missing something? Please help me understand how they did it.



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    That app is using a previous SDK. The Product Playbook has some suggestions on how your users can earn Kin.


    Here are the thought starters.
    - Reward users for positive social behaviour and for being good participants
    - Reward group activities (e.g., collaborative competition)
    - Allow users to earn Kin by facilitating peer to peer transaction via experience or user’s profile
    - Reward users for community moderation
    - Reward users for interacting with each other
    - Allow users to earn Kin by answering polls and giving you their attention

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    Thanks for the help. But I am not yet clear if there is a way through SDK to get survey/polls that earn users Kin or we need to create our own surveys/polls?

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    There is no way to get survey/polls through the Kin SDK. If you want to have that as an earn opportunity you will need to make it. Some developers have integrated with Pollfish

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    Got it, thanks. :)

    Is there a way through SDK to get UI for wallet, creating wallet etc...? Or developers have to write the UI from scratch? As I can see all the Kin apps have the same UI/UX for wallet creating, saving, earning, sending etc...

    Or any open source android apps, which gives us with these UI components so that we can reduce effort on Kin integrate and work faster. I see Kin Ecosystem wireframes here: https://medium.com/kinblog/kin-ecosystem-sdk-product-vision-95bf17eeabf0

    Sorry for so many questions, actually I am confused with the Kin apps I have seen and the doc at kin.org.

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    No problem with questions. That's what we are here for. There are a couple of things here. Our SDKs give developers the ability to easily do things such as create wallets, send kin and check balances. Some of our modules have pre-built UIs for things like backing up a wallet, but the core SDK is meant to be integrated and implemented into your own app and UI.

    The wallet should likely be created the first time a user either opens or logs into the app. And adding some sort of loading image might be useful. And for earning and spending, that's part of the challenge. We are looking for apps to build with Kin with cool use cases and social features. Maybe you let your users earn Kin when the fill out their profile, or when they do something else in your app that you would like them to do. And social spending can be when a user gives Kin to another user because they like their content. Kind of similar to a like button. check out our product playbook. That might help give you some ideas https://www.kin.org/Product%20Playbook%203.0.pdf

    We also have an android sample app that shows off the functionality.


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    I think I got it.

    Here's what I understood,
    1. As a developer integrates Kin Ecosystem in his app, he will be eligible for Kin Rewards Engine program.
    2. Developer earns from KRE on the basis on Daily Active Spenders, which the developer can use to give-away to his app users for taking certain actions in the app thus increasing the engagement in the app.
    3. Users can use the earned Kin to send to other users or to buy digital services in the app.

    Kin Ecosystem doc https://kinecosystem.github.io/kin-ecosystem-sdk-docs/docs/android-guide.html [I assume is dead now or discontinued] and new documentation at Kin.org, confused me as I am new to Kin.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

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    That's all correct. I'm not sure how you got to that specific SDK, but you should only use the things listed under resources for this contest.

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    Thanks a lot for a super quick reply. That was really helpful. :)

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    Happy to help. If you have more development related questions join our discord channel listed in the Resources section. Lots of developers in there to help =)

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